Ammunition containers

High quality, Mil Spec & Def Stan compliant ammunition containers

We manufacture the complete range of US and British containers.

If a container is not listed below, please get in touch.

General Purpose

  • Plastic
  • A480
  • A980

Small Caliber

  • M19A1
  • M2A1
  • M2A2
  • H83
  • H84
  • C29
  • NR68
  • PA19
  • PA60
  • PA70
  • PA108

Medium Caliber

  • PA120
  • PA125
  • M548
  • M592
  • L17A1

Large Caliber

  • PA116
  • PA154
  • PA156
  • PA171
  • PA191


We carry out rigorous testing on all of our containers to ensure their compliance with the respective Mil Spec/Def Stan requirements.

This is conducted at independant testing labs. Full test reports are available.

The tests carried out include; tensilte tests that check the integrity of welds, vaccum pressure testing to ensure air tightness and salt fog corrision testing.

Pre treatment and paint specification to TTC490. Wet paint or powder coated with zinc phosphate undercoat.

Any color is available upon request.

Internal Fittings

As well as the containers Astor Defence supplies the internal furniture in a range of foams, timber, card and plastics.

We can supply the inner items pre-fitted in the containers simplifying your load, assemble and pack operations as well as reducing storage and streamlining your supply chain.

We produce inner packaging for all small, medium and large calibre ammunition.

UN Printing

We provide UN printing facilities during manufacturing in any color required.

Our production setup ensures that UN printing doesn't increase our lead time.

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